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Regeon Electric equipment company production workshop
2013 Regeon Electric Shanghai was rated "specialized, sophisticated, special, new" enterprise.
From R & D institutions to develop products in the market,Regeon Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. in the field of entrepreneurial team has been hard for electrical equipment for decades. Zhang Yu philosophy is: Yu Zhang provide not only manufactures, but also by providing customers with a complete set of solutions to solve user problems in the product in use, in order to solve some idea of the modern service industry manufacturing problems.
Regeon Electric founding team comes from national research institutions, to product development, the team can be said to be very much at home, and how fast the electrical equipment market developments, it is the problem of the whole team has been considered, and the establishment of market-oriented company that is most good choice. Zhang Yu was established in 2008, it is a technology-oriented high-tech enterprises, is committed to extensive research and development in the field of power system technology to improve efficiency for customers by raising the technological content of products and services. Current product line covers thermal power, pumped storage areas, gas turbine, wind power, nuclear power and other power plant equipment.
"90s of last century, the state will withdraw some of the research projects, it means that the development of weaning, but with the national policy support for high-tech, Yu Zhang also found a development orientation direction." General Manager Xu Ying introduction, "high-end field of electrical equipment is substantially occupied by foreign companies in this field to get the market, or to cooperate with these companies or is in direct competition. "
Cooperation with international companies to open markets
Yu Zhang target market is that for the market to do some in-depth link part of study, mining market segments, and the "thoroughly understand" rather than blindly pursue large market. "In this context, multinational companies and large state-owned enterprises will invest enormous human and material resources to expand the market but the market is vast, as a private enterprise, we have our own soft power, that is - based on self, sincere cooperation, and strive to innovation."
"Our partnership with multinational companies such as generator excitation product that electrical equipment is the most complex, multinational companies to provide quality components is important, but in the assembly of our technology, the entire training management mechanisms and surgery services equally indispensable. This is because an important part of the assembly, commissioning is quality, but also because of the product itself and its use of the site is a partnership, in terms of matching products and live collaboration, often we need according to the scene to judge, Zhang Yu in the art to ensure that all aspects of product quality play to the extreme. "According to market statistics, in collaboration with Zhang Yu after the product, no one had occurred trip, burned and other accidents. "No matter how good things, there must be localized services, we are engaged not only in manufacturing, or the modern service industry, have done research and development, production, one-stop service." General Manager Xu Ying introduction, "For this The main components provided by the partners by Yu Zhang assembly, commissioning, and servicing the target market for the one to two million. "
Yu in the development of the early chapters, mostly in collaboration with well-known foreign companies together to develop the market. "If we work together on 300,000 to 1,000,000 kilowatts large generator excitation system and Siemens, through cooperation Yu ELECTRICAL occupied the market, but also to learn foreign advanced technology and management philosophy." It reaches a predetermined target market.
Self-developed high-tech products
In addition to working with well-known foreign companies, but Yu Zhang has never stopped the pace of independent research and development. "All our previous corporate profits are put into the development of nuclear-related projects." Xu Ying told reporters that "the characteristics of nuclear-related equipment is; less Project, the high cost monopoly of foreign enterprises, in order to be in this area As, we must face the fierce competition from foreign companies. "
In recent years, Yu Zhang has successfully developed: the new digitized nuclear power plant stick control rod position control system and rod position detectors, nuclear power plant nuclear emergency diesel control systems, nuclear grade cable connectors. These successfully developed and put into operation of domestic nuclear power plant electrical equipment, to fill the gap and completely break the foreign monopoly of individual enterprises, for the localization and reduce the cost of power station equipment, power generation equipment has made a great contribution. With independent intellectual property rights not only in performance can be comparable with the world's leading product, the function also done a lot to improve and enhance, greatly improving the product on the market and environmental adaptability.
Such a product, in order to prevent electromagnetic interference, foreigners use coating technology to protect the product features, but the coating process in the country may not cross the border, once the coating damage, affecting the use of the product, we will be replaced with stainless steel. We understand the needs of the market, more concerned with their installation, service, debug problems you might encounter. Therefore, we developed a better product than the original product, can adapt to the Chinese market. "In the general manager Xu Ying opinion, these changes are Yu Zhang localization can compete with foreign companies a big advantage.
Foreign cooperation is based on independent research and development is the direction. Zhang Yu, the company invested heavily in independent research and development. 2008-2010 Yu Zhang all revenues from the company's cooperation with foreign products. Throughout the company's team, there are more than 70 percent of the personnel engaged in independent research, independent research and development of nuclear power equipment downstream devices by Yu Zhang own research and development, manufacturing.
It is reported that in 2012 the company's revenue has reached nearly 70 million, of which nearly 7 million will be used for independent research and development, and the company's annual revenue growth to turn the fan speed increases. Yu chapter is independent research and development programs rely, from manufacturing to trot towards the "wisdom made."
China's first self-developed set of Class 1E controllable phase compound excitation brushless excitation system, the chapter on Haiyu Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation joint research and development, has completed the type test , FBI tests and qualification tests.
From the Chinese Academy of Sciences, expert opinion on behalf of the Group of Experts on Nuclear Group, the Environmental Protection Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Electrical and so composed given the show, "the excitation system with independent intellectual property rights, product to fill gaps in the overall performance indicators have reached the international advanced level of similar products, some indicators better than similar foreign products, with significant economic and social benefits. "
At the same time, the project is also the first in the country to complete the emergency diesel generators and generator load calculation - exciter and excitation system joint optimization design, breaking the foreign technology monopoly in this field.
In addition, the project also carried out a complete analysis of reliability, and the first stop is usually prepared for the state of EDG excitation cabinet made a comprehensive analysis of reliability, the reliability of its establishment of a new formula.
"The excitation system has been verified through field testing, all aspects of performance of the system meet the requirements, but the reliability is greatly improved, and the cost is also dropped." According to Yu Zhang Electric relevant person in charge, after the purchase of a foreign Class 1E excitation system needs After 700,000 euros, and realize the localization priced at just 1.5 million yuan, much lower than abroad, but also the owners of nuclear power to facilitate future maintenance, commissioning and upgrades.
As an important constituent units, emergency diesel generators excitation system for the maintenance of security and stability of the nuclear power plant is very important, but embarrassing is that the rest of the country in the construction of power plant operation and emergency diesel generator excitation systems are the design, procurement, commissioning and overall imports mode.
Before this, the domestic producers have been excitation system do not have the computing power of Class 1E excitation system, long-term load calculated by Alstom, Areva and other foreign companies and their union monopoly, and they will be excited cabinet price raise too hard to imagine.
According to reports, in the previous Pakistan's Chashma Nuclear Power Plant C-2 project, in addition to the excitation system, China has realized the first set of emergency diesel generators of electrical and control systems domestically. The excitation system has become the nuclear island electric systems last no intellectual property rights, long-term import of equipment.
"China's nuclear power equipment there are several real core, the key thing is not localization, if in the future once the forced localization that time we have dumbfounded!" Deputy Director of the National Energy Board Secretary Energy conservation and technology equipment Oriole reminder He said, "In my judgment, the next nuclear power development in China will have a variety of reactor types, so the device manufacturer for a comprehensive observation track, do market research, improve research and development, domestic work done on What no problem. "



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