Zhang Xu Ying, general manager of Shanghai Yu Teng magazine cover SMEs

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Shanghai SME Cover - Xu Ying

Regeon Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. legal representative and general manager, MBA Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, PARTY twenty-nine younger trainees, Minhang District Youth Committee, a senior engineer in the field of energy power plant electrical and control professional practitioners 20 years. She uphold the "people-oriented, customer first, integrity Founding innovation serve the country" business philosophy to lead our team and make unremitting efforts, Benedict service development, just a few years in the field of nuclear power successfully developed 12 products in which nuclear power plant 1E level of excitation system to fill the gaps , breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, products and services projection and thermal power, hydropower, wind power, nuclear power and other power control equipment in the field and the company, so Yu Zhang companies to become Siemens, Dan, control, and other well-known international companies in power plant automation in the field of strategic partners.



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