2013 SPPA-E3000 Excitation & frequency conversion system was successfully held seminar

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November 28, 2013, jointly organized by Regeon Electric  and Siemens SPPA-E3000 - Frequency Excitation & Start System Symposium was successfully held in Shanghai. User representatives were invited to the field and SFC industry experts, Shanghai Electric Power expert leadership and professional and technical personnel and other electrical power plants to participate.

The meeting began with a welcome speech by the general manager of Siemens Power Plant Automation Ltd. Mr. Gong Yi. Followed by Shanghai Electric Power Generation Equipment Co. turbine plant Mr. Gu Shoulu assistant to the president on behalf of units of speech, fully affirmed Zhang Yu Electric and Siemens achieved in terms of thermal power and gas turbine performance and efforts, and said that cooperation with Yu Zhang Electric will boarded a new level, greatly encouraged by the confidence of Yu Zhang Electric and Siemens employees.

Then, Siemens Siemens experts excitation (SES / BES) product introduced in detail, and the Siemens SFC gas-steam combined cycle power plant solutions do presentations and deep analysis; Electrical Dr. Cui Jianhua Zhang Yu of China DL / T 843- 2010 new standards do meticulous interpretation, and with experts in the discussion; Siemens Power Plant Automation Ltd. technical experts on the Siemens SFC pumped storage power plant solutions was explored, Siemens Power Automation Siemens technical experts to protect the product detail; Three Gorges Group Xiangjiaba hydropower plant Mr. Wang Bo on the excitation system Siemens Xiangjiaba Hydropower Plant in a detailed report, and fully affirmed the Siemens excitation system maintenance is simple, low failure rate characteristics. Then came all the experts to answer customer questions, and have Q & A site heated discussion, to deepen understanding of user Siemens excitation and SFC systems also allow Siemens and Yu Zhang Electrical and attention to customer needs with the most direct understanding.

The last meeting, the Minister of Shanghai Electric Power Generator Factory Purchasing Mr. Wei strong macro-analysis and detailed presentation on the status of domestic power generation projects, so everyone on the domestic power projects have a clear understanding of the situation. Xu Ying Zhang Yu, general manager of Yu Zhang electric company's service concept and service system were introduced. To provide full life-cycle of the particularity of generator excitation system goods and services, Yu Zhang Electrical Preventive Maintenance Service: Including manufacturers customized maintenance, repair service size four modules, manufacturers of professional training and support as well as backup devices 365 days 24 hours Technology support, regular inspection and reduce operational risks, tailored package of services, professional training, skills upgrading plant maintenance, emergency rescue and carry spares scene standby emergency backup systems Shanghai and six other advantages.

Regeon Electric Xu Jianying letter: the strong support of partners, Regeon Electric will always uphold the "everything is in order to allow users to more peace of mind" concept, with services to create value. Also on behalf of Regeon Electric solemn promise: All spare parts Yu ELECTRICAL include random spare parts are included services. The move has been unanimously welcomed user representatives with accreditation.



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