2015 SPPA-E3000 Excitation Systems Conference & frequency conversion

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April 17, 2015, "SPPA-E3000 Excitation & inverter starter seminar" by the chapter Electric Co. sets on the Hai Yu and Siemens jointly organized a perfect ending. Conference invited experts led by Shanghai Electric Power, China Electric Power Research Institute experts and Siemens products on behalf of major power plants until the user site to do face to face.

The theme of the seminar from the "Siemens exciting product introduction", "Siemens SFC gas turbine power plants and pumped storage power plant solutions," "Siemens excitation system in the Three Gorges Power Plant," "explore the generator excitation demagnetization details" and four part.

Meeting by Siemens Energy instrument control section Sales Manager Mr Bao Shi Lan of China, Minister of Shanghai Electric Power Generation Equipment Co. generator factory Purchasing Department Mr. Wei Qiang welcoming remarks.

Seminar, German experts with the current international advanced technology, a detailed explanation on the excitation system and new technologies and means of frequency conversion program; Dr. Yu Zhang Cui Jianhua went out type electrical and de-excitation mode and the calculation of the magnetic switch was a detailed description; the Three Gorges power plant 胡先洪 experts and guests shared Siemens excitation system in the application of the Three Gorges Power Plant, through detailed images and files so that we understand the whole process of debugging Siemens field maintenance, and fully affirmed the excitation system Siemens stability and extremely low failure rate used: Siemens AVR and excitation rectifier cabinet so far without any significant failure, rectifier cabinet does not replace any parts. Major power plant users to actively participate in the conference panel discussion, and the atmosphere warm and friendly.

Participants clients that Haiyu Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhang outstanding expertise, focus on customer needs, product quality, service aware bits, will be given sustained attention in the future. Hai Yu Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhang also said that Siemens will work together to provide more targeted services to major power plants, and strive to equipment and service providers the industry's most trusted and frequency excitation starting device.

Finally, general manager of Siemens Power Plant Automation Ltd. Mr. Gong Yi closing speech.

Figure I, German engineer Siemens Mr.Kovacs to introduce new development excitation system

Figure II, Dr. Cui Jianhua engineer with Siemens of Germany for the guests doubts

Figure III, the guests seriously involved in the proceedings



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