Wind pitch drive system


The angle of the wind turbine blade for accurate control, protect fans safe and effective capture wind energy to provide clean and efficient energy.


Pitch refers to the system by changing the pitch angle of the device to change the size of wind turbine hub on the aerodynamic characteristics of the blades, the control unit and the drive components. It is near the rated wind speed and pitch angle than at any time adjust according to changes in wind speed, the control vanes absorbed mechanical energy, wind turbine guarantee to obtain the required energy, reducing the impact of wind wind turbine for fast no impact on the grid.

Pitch control and VSCF technology fit together to improve the efficiency of power generation and power quality of the whole wind power generation system.




PMC pitch system can meet all kinds of harsh working environment, to meet the normal type, low temperature, offshore type aircraft operational requirements, and can make a special custom-designed according to the actual operating environment.
Commutator-free and brushless AC motors dedicated, low maintenance, high reliability, long life, compact structure, able to provide the same constant torque DC motor speed range, it is ideal for use in harsh environments.
Meet the low voltage ride through (LVRT) requirements to ensure the normal operation of the unit.


adapt to different wind farms and wind resources to match 2.0MW (93 impeller, the impeller 99 m, 105 m of the impeller, the impeller 111 meters), 3.6MW (116 impeller, impeller 122 meters) or other different units (according to user request). It provides precise control with fast response capability.
provide 3 counters, 6 counters, 7 cabinet structure to meet the various types of fan hub installation size requirements.
offers a variety of fieldbus protocols for users to choose, such as PROFIBUS-DP, CANOpen, DeviceNet, Modbus, etc.


In order to reduce losses due to downtime as possible, the use of back-up power supply with less than three times the capacity of feathering. We can resume work in a short time after the emergency closing paddle action.
In addition to the battery program, a whole new generation of pitch system using super capacitor as a backup power supply. Greatly reducing the maintenance time fan. More compact, longer life cycle and higher reliability.

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